About Us

We are AFSCME Local 1029

The Town of Enfield community is who we are! AFSCME Local 1029 serves the community 24/7, 365 days a year - we never stop. We are your garbage men, your Town building & Board of Ed custodians, your building and grounds management, your library staff, your water pollution technicians, your highway maintainence personnel,  and one of the many first responders who answer your call when you dial 911. Your community deserves the best and that is what we aim to provide. 

We believe strongly that the work we do on a daily basis, helps give back to the Town of Enfield in more ways then one. Each member is a piece to the puzzle which keeps Enfield running in tip top shape. 

Meet the Executive Board


Andy Rhodes works in the Refuse and Resource Management Division and the Highway Division.

Vice President

Chris Hulevitch works in the Building & Grounds Division.

Executive Board

  • Kevin Kelly works within the Highway Division.
  • Adam Bajoris is a Water Pollution Control Operator II with 20 years of service.
  • Jim O'Neil works within the Custodial Services Division.
  • Robert Maltese works in the Emergency Communications (911) Division.
  • Dave Abraham works within the Building & Grounds Division.