When: Friday, Aug 31, 2018, 10:00am - 12:00pm

Hartford Hilton Hotel
315 Trumbull St.
Hartford, CT

Members of Council 4 Connecticut-affiliated unions are invited to attend the 12th biennial political convention of the Connecticut AFL-CIO. This year’s convention has been split between three non-consecutive days – one on April 6, the next on June 22, and a final half day on August 31.

Delegates representing unions around the state are eligible to participate in the proceedings, which include endorsements of candidates for federal as well as state legislative and constitutional offices in 2018. The event is a unique opportunity to strengthen the voice of Connecticut's labor movement.
Tentative agenda (check back for updated information):
  • "Labor 2018" campaign kickoff;
  • Final endorsements; &
  • Reconsideration of races where endorsed primary candidates did not win.
Note: only credentialed delegates are eligible to vote to endorse candidates.