Staff The Front Lines Jobs Fair in Hartford, Sep 6

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When: Wednesday, September 6, 11am-2pm

Where: Hartford Yard Goats Stadium

Did you know there are hundreds of thousands of public service job openings all across the country? That's a lot of jobs! We're talking about positions like clerical, maintainers, custodians, social workers, dispatchers, and many more.

Public service jobs ensure our communities stay safe, healthy and strong. And — because they're good union jobs — they have the wages, protections, and benefits needed to live your best life.

AFSCME Council 4's jobs fair at the Hartford Yard Goats Club will feature over 30 state and municipal agencies, including the Connecticut DMV, Department of Labor, Department of Transportation, and multiple municipal jobs in towns and schools including Hartford, East Hartford, as well as CREC and MDC.

Join us to learn more about public service job openings in your community! And make sure to bring copies of your resume with you to give to employers.

There will be free parking across the stadium provided by the Hartford Parking Authority!